5 Free Google SEO Tools to Use

23 Feb

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is one of those things that truly needs to have a human touch to it, but there are some tools that can really help anyone out when conducting or monitoring the search engine marketing efforts of either their own site or someone else’s.

Here are 5 free Google tools to help anyone on their Google SEO journey:

Google Alerts
Google alerts can be set for anything that a person wants but it can really help monitor the chatter in an industry or for a specific brand. A good search engine optimization campaign allows for you and your business to completely understand what chatter is popular and pulling in traffic. If you have a blog and you often times run out of things to write about, Google alerts could be very beneficial to stimulate your writing skills.

Google Webmaster Tools
It is in your best interest to want to understand all of the ins and outs behind your website marketing efforts in all of the major search engines. You should understand everything ranging from how diverse your link plan is constructed to where you are top heavy with traffic. Setting up Google webmaster tools for your website is a crucial component in order to keep things clean.

Google Analytics
Google analytics will tell you everything that is happening with your website on a daily basis. Where people are coming from, who is linking to you, and how much traffic you are delivering to your website, which is a very important piece of data to have if you want to measure your abilities properly.

Google Chrome SEO Extension
If you like to use Google Chrome for your browsing needs there is a wonderful SEO extension that plugs into the browser that can tell you very valuable information like pages indexed, where a website is hosted, and how old the domain is.

Google Keyword Tool
If you are stumped on certain keywords and what you should be using to get the job done, you might want to use the Google keyword tool. I wouldn’t use it to do all of your keyword research but if you need concepts and you want to get some ideas, this is a great tool.

SEO tools are great but I wouldn’t solely rely on them for your online success. You still need to apply the human touch to get the job done right, but I do highly recommend using the free Google SEO tools that I mentioned in this post.


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