MyLife Search Engine Expected to Turn Big Profits

23 Feb

What is probably one of the most frequently-found tasks on the Internet besides shopping and gaming is people-searching. To this end, there are a few well-known people search engines where people go to find other people that they’re looking for. To be successful in that industry, the company needs access to good resources and a consistent business model in order to be productive both in profits and with their customer base. It looks like MyLife has found the way to be good at both.

The people search engine, MyLife, is expected to profit about $60 million this year, according to their executives. They’ve reportedly experienced over 26 million unique monthly visitors, and their traffic is expected to increase significantly in the upcoming months.

Currently, MyLife has over 41 million registered members on their site. They use aggregated search applications with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn to help people connect. They also use subscription features and public records to make their search features even more helpful.

It may seem almost immediately that MyLife is a main competitor for sites like Facebook or Twitter, but the site doesn’t offer any enhanced features beyond the ability to find people. Of course, other sites that do true social networking allow users to interact and share photos, news or other information.

Their main revenue-producing model seems to be charging for ads placed on their site and from member subscriptions that are a big profit-maker for them. Searches are big business, especially for law-enforcement authorities, debt collection agencies and a small portion of the general consumer population.

MyLife takes one thing and does it well; they help people find people. If they continue to do that and concentrate on making it work well for their customers, they can expect to continue to see profits rise and their presence in that market become stable and sound.


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