5 Fabulous Facebook Tips

28 Feb

Tip #1: Use visibly defined rules.

Don’t use the About information field on a Facebook page to talk about your brand or to present your tagline. Use it first and foremost to direct fans and visitors to the rules of engagement for this space. Click on the Aeroplan screenshot below for a best-in-class example.

Image showing how to use the About field under the Facebook page logo image to explain the rules of engagement

If we’ve learned anything about Facebook Pages, it’s that organizations need clearly visible and posted rules, so that when moderation needs to happen, the fan base is far less likely to get up in arms. It can also keep moderation from having to happen.

Tip #2: Open up your Wall!

The Aeroplan example is a good example on how to configure your Wall for maximizing engagement with your fans. They have configured their Wall to show their posts and the posts of their fans equally. Please note that this is not the default setting. The default only shows your official posts.

Example of Aeroplan's Fan Page and how it defaults to showing conversations from both Aeroplan and fans

Many brands struggle with this. And if you have millions of fans, then I can potentially see the argument of a Wall that defaults to only showing the brand’s posts.

I think that the reason many brands struggle with this is because of how people from the brand interact with Facebook versus how our audiences use Facebook.

Every time that we, as representatives of the brand, log in to Facebook, we see the interactions on the Wall. And it’s only a matter of time until someone complains that all of our posts have been pushed down “below the fold” by these dang fans.  Where are our promotions? Call the agency! Circle the wagons!

First, you have to try and calm these people down. Then  we need to remember where and how our fans see our posts.

They do NOT see them on the brand’s Facebook page in the majority of scenarios.

They see fan page messages in their feed.

Example of how a Facebook Page update appears in my personal stream

This is why I recommend using a tab to collate and collect special offers, so anyone looking to find them that does visit our Fan Page can still do so easily.

If the goal is to increase engagement and reach, then having a Wall where anyone can start a post will drastically increase the engagement and reach you get from your fans. And every time someone does visit your page and starts a conversation there, you gain increased reach from all of their friends’ feed views.

Tip #3: If you moderate, tell the group.

Don’t start with moderation unless the issue is severe.  With minor infractions, it’s always best to remind members of the Facebook page of the rules and purpose of the space and warn of moderation first.

Tip #4: Be upfront about deletions.

If you do have to moderate (delete a comment), be sure to leave a post or comment that notifies everyone that you did indeed moderate.

I’ve seen too many clients get into trouble because they tried to hide the fact that they deleted something.

Or worse, someone from Marketing deleted something because it didn’t look good.

Tip #5: Obey your own rules.

If you post the rules of the space (see Tip #1) you need to abide by them, to the letter.  You will be found out if you don’t.  Someone will still have it in their cache or on their screen, and it will come back sooner or later as a screenshot.

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