5 Tips for Creating Share-Worthy B2B Email Content

4 Mar

Just because your B2B email recipients are business contacts doesn’t mean your email content can’t be interesting enough to start conversations and generate social shares. If you can create share-worthy B2B email content, you can generate additional brand awareness and boost your potential for lead acquisition and sales. By encouraging your recipients to share your engaging content, you get your message in front of a new audience.

Creating share-worthy content could require a shift in how you assemble the content for your email campaigns. Here’s some tips that may help you with this approach.

1. Start a conversation
Craft the content in your email to read like a conversation. End the email content by asking a question or encouraging feedback in your social channels and providing links for readers to do so.

2. Share conversations from your social channels
Include content from your social channels in your B2B emails. Show tweets where your brand is mentioned. Share blog post comments or Facebook posts and replies. Then invite recipients to join the conversation.

3. Create content people want to share
Content formatted in certain ways can lead to more social sharing. Create lists of tips or best practices, announce industry events, provide solutions to common problems and highlight important industry news. Helping people do their job better or understand what is happening in their industry will lead to more social sharing.

4. Enable sharing of multimedia content
Providing links to your videos, podcasts or other interactive content is becoming more common- even in B2B emails. Many marketers just link directly to the content and don’t consider making it shareable. If the point of your multimedia content is to create interest or provide valuable information, then providing social sharing links for it will only help you maximize its value.

5. Recap your most popular social content
Include a list of your “best of” content from your social channels. Include your most popular blog posts, your most re-tweeted tweets or your most commented Facebook posts. Whatever people find interesting in your social channels will likely spark the interest of your email recipients, so including popular social content in your emails can create additional interest and social shares.

As you make your B2B emails more shareable, be sure not to overwhelm your recipients with too much copy or too many sharing options. If you need to, link long-form content to your web site and provide social sharing links there too. Consider which social channels will work best for the content you want readers to share and ask for it to be shared in those channels. And be sure to track your social sharing links and mentions so you can analyze the results and determine what content is most interesting to your email audience.

Keeping your B2B email content interesting and sharable can not only help you reach your marketing goals, but also create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for your recipients. If you have any other ideas, tips or success stories with social sharing in B2B emails, leave us a comment and let us know what worked for you.

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  1. powerbl March 4, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    This looks really interesting, I’ll be sure to check it out.


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