This Week In Social Media

7 Mar

Facebook Upgrades Comments Plugin for Websites: Did you know Facebook allows you to add comments to any web page using its platform? Facebook now allows readers to have their comments published in their Facebook news feeds. And when friends comment back in Facebook, the reply will show up on your site. This is something all bloggers should check out.

facebook comment pluginThis is how the comment I left on a recent TechCrunch blog (with the new Facebook Comment plugin) is published on my Facebook Profile wall.

Facebook Likes Button Clicks Go to News Feed: When your readers Like something on your website, this now generates an update on their news feeds that looks like Facebook Share. It appears as if you’ll only need one Facebook button on your blog or website in the future: the Facebook Like button.

facebook likesI Liked these pages on these websites and this is how the updates show up on my Facebook Profile and in my friends’ news feeds on Facebook.

LinkedIn Groups Guarantee Relevant Jobs Listing: The Jobs tab in LinkedIn Groups is now tailored specifically for the group. “All these jobs are either shared into the group by its members, or match keywords specified by the group manager, so they’re guaranteed to be relevant.”

linkedin job tabLinkedIn Group managers can improve the experience for their members with job listings more targeted to their group.

Google Enhances User Profiles: Google Profiles have been around for a while to help you “connect to other public online services and improve your search results.” The new design lets you “highlight the information that’s most important to you.”

google profileCheck out the latest options to present yourself on Google Profiles.

Here are a few new social media tools worth a look.

Spreaker: an audio platform that allows anyone to create, broadcast and share a personal radio show across the Internet in a simple and accessible way.

spreakerWith Spreaker, casual podcasters and bloggers have an easy way to keep in touch with their audience by audio.

fflap: a social selling tool for eBay to help sellers reach more people and sell their items faster.

fflapSocial shopping tools like fflap help businesses leverage their social networks. you can create a unique QR code and a profile page where you can easily change, update or replace the code’s content any time you want. is a free social utility designed to share web content with the real world, letting you turn just about anything into a link: a wall, a tree, a shop window, a t-shirt, a pin, a concert poster, a wine bottle, a business card, your own body, the sky’s the limit… enables you to connect your online life to the actual one, expanding your horizons, broadening your networks and getting your word out.


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