11 Innovative tips required for Web Designers

10 May

If you are a website designer or run a Web Design company, then here are 11 tips that would make your designing task simpler and responsive.

1. Use of Flash

Flash and HTML have equal contribution for 2011 web designs. Designers have to adjust use of flash as per their design requirement, rather than just stuffing a design with excessive flash use.

2. Simple Color Schemes are not out of fashion

Simple and nice designs would make a difference in appealing the website users. Do not just mark on black and white you have option of green, yellow or even red as your primary colors.

3. Mobile compatibility

In 2011 user have more access to mobile products than before, so make sure your design have compatibility with all hand held phone gadgets.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Paralox scrolling is not out dated; it can still be used for variety of web design functions. Especially its illusion for 3-d space can do much for your design with simple CSS tricks.

5. Touch Screens Designs

Now technology have moved to next level all those designs, which have been designed with the finger print navigation have demand and appreciation from the users. For now this may be a niche, but its popularity has apprehended the genre as fundamental part of coming technologies.

Additionally, your design must be based on liquid layouts, so users can conveniently move the displays from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

6. 3-D Replica

Although 3-d technology has not yet grounded the web designs but rising popularity can be catered with tricks to give the best replica for 3-D , like you can make use of Fuax 3D to bring an innovation in to the designs.

7. Photographic Backgrounds

High resolution back ground picture would be popular in 2011. However you have to make relevance with the picture and the content of the website, otherwise you will be giving an odd image for your design.

8. Creative Domains

Try to make your domain names more creative and unique. The .com domain has lost its soul; it’s no longer appealing for users so you have to come with something completely unique and impressible to make an impression with the users. Jot down today to scoop up the best thing before it’s taken by your competitors.

9. Personal innovation

Innovation can be from any one it does not need a technology kick back staying in your business you can revolutionize the field being creative and vigilant. Do brain storming to strike at the webs design areas that can make your web-design a standard in the market.

Making your designing tasks easy, web Design Company strives to take on all challenging web design techniques to design for their client’s needs.

10. Captive Design For Clients

Task would further be intricate with consistent suppression for such designs that minimize the use of “back button” for searchers. Captive and action provoked designs would be ultimate design requirement from the clients.

11. Technology Gadgets a new mile stone for Designers

Evolution of Net Books, Tablets, Smart phones have made designers task more challenging. They have to come up with designs promise a complete user friendly experience regardless user would be surfing through desktop computer or iPhones. User would be indifferent to accessing the difference of technology platforms but would quietly appreciate your design compatibility with intelligent gadgets.

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