Build Your Personal Online Brand with SEO

11 May

If you work in any kind of consulting position, regardless of industry, you know that you are basically selling yourself- your experience, you skills, your knowledge and your reputation. All of those factors contribute to your value as a consultant and are what are going to convince a company to hire you, either on a project-by-project basis or place you on retainer. Let SEO help build your personal online brand!

Here are some SEO basics that you can adapt for marketing your online brand:

Optimize Your Consulting Page
Not just for [industry] consultant, your consulting page has to include variations of keywords that someone might use to search for a consultant in your field. This includes phrases like “expert,” “consulting,” “consulting services,” “specialist,” “professional” and more. You also have to include variations of your industry. For instance, as an SEO consultant , I target “SEO,” “SEM,” “Internet marketing,” “online marketing” and more. Keyword research can help you determine what keywords you should be targeting for your industry.

Video Marketing
Let’s say you are a tax professional looking to promote your services. Consider creating a series of basic “how-to” videos that address the most common questions people have when it comes to filing your taxes. This helps establish yourself as an expert and can promote you as the go-to tax professional in your area.

If you run a small auto body shop, why not create a video explaining how to change a tire or check on a car’s oil? A lot of informational searches are phrased as questions, so if you can include those phrases in your video descriptions, they can rank on their own in the search engines.

Online Biographies
Every online profile you have is a chance to go after targeted keywords and incorporate links. All your online profiles should be filled out as completely as they allow. Include full contact information, videos, links to other sites, local keywords and more. This is especially important if you have a common name. The more details you can provide about yourself, the more likely someone who is intentionally looking for you (or someone with similar qualifications/search criteria) will find you.

Q/A Forum Commenting

Question and answer forums are a great place to incorporate links and establish yourself as an industry expert. Lots of people post questions online about every topic imaginable so chances are there are pages of questions that you know the answers to! You never know what kind of connections can be forged, so you may end up answering the right person’s question and landing a new client because of it.

These are just a few basic SEO activities that don’t just apply to website or company branding. They can also be adapted for a one-man consulting show. The trick with branding yourself is that anything with your name attached to it, including private profiles and online activity, can reflect on you as a brand. Make sure that the two aren’t in conflict with each other.

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