Tutorial: Add Google Analytics Social Interaction Tracking to your Facebook Tabs

14 Jul

resource: http://www.hyperarts.com/blog/add-google-analytics-social-interaction-tracking-to-facebook-iframe-tabs/

The New Google Analytics Social Interactions Tracking

On June 29, Google announced its new Analytics feature: tracking the +1 button (Google’s version of the Facebook Like button), as well as other social buttons such as Twitter tweets and Facebook Likes, Unlikes and Send.

This expanded Analytics feature focused on tracking these social buttons on external websites, and no mention was made about tracking on Facebook fan page tabs.

Google Analytics Social Tracking and Facebook Fan Page Tabs

The good news is that most of this tracking capability does work on fan pages.

On your Facebook fan page iFrame tabs, you can track:

  • Facebook Like, Unlike and Send actions;
  • Google +1.

As of this writing, you CAN’T track:

  • Twitter’s Tweet Button;
  • LinkedIn Share Button.

If you find a way to track any other social buttons, please let me know in the comments!

Here we go….

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SEO tips: 6 Steps to Selecting Your Pages

13 Jul

After you’ve selected your keywords by building your target keyword list, the next goal in building a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is to match each of those keywords to pages on your website. Where do you start, though?

You have a list of 10 target keywords, but which ones should you go after first? The best way to start is by understanding which pages are the most valuable. Prioritize your SEO efforts by looking at your existing website pages and assessing where you’re already ahead and which pages are going to take lot of extra work.

Focusing on quick hits, like optimizing a page that’s already ranking, allows you to quickly make advances toward improving your rankings and getting more traffic to your website.

Now that you have your target keyword list, here are six simple steps for selecting the right pages to go after as you build your SEO campaigns.

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