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Facebook Fan Pages: 7 Dos and 7 Don’ts for effective Community Development

3 Jun

7 DOs for Facebook Community Development

1. Focus on the Content

Upload images, videos, texts and other media types around your brand, focusing on the interests of the community you want to build.

2. Encourage Discussions

Try to engage users by asking and answering on various updates. People are more likely to interact to a human tone of voice instead of a cold corporate talking. Tip: Use @ before a user name to mention specific users –like twitter)

3. Setup Contests and games

Be creative! Motivate people to participate and add entertainment value to their online experience.

4. Reward your fans

Why should I hit the “Like” button? Do you offer only information for your company and products? A way to attract more “Like” thumbs is to offer something special for your fans. (Vouchers, special offers etc)

5. Promote your Fan Page

Add your Fan Page’s link in your website, blog, e-mail signatures newsletters and printed media.

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3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Facebook Fans

21 Mar

1. Propensity to Evangelize – Are your fans helping you grow your business? Make sure you’re sharing remarkable content on your fan page to encourage your fans to interact and broadcast your message to their networks. Keep track of the impressions and feedback scores for your posts to see what works for your business. At HubSpot, we’ve found that asking a questions whenever we post an article encourages people to engage and share the article with their networks.

2. Consumer Loyalty – In general, the more engaged a customer is with a company, the more likely they are to purchase from that company again. A great way to make someone feel engaged is by establishing personal relationships with them. We try to respond individually to every question on our page as soon as we can to nurture that type of relationship.

3. Product Spending – Are your fans buying what you’re selling? If you have a lot of fans but not a lot of customers, then you might consider putting more direct offers in your page. Including a promotion or special offer on your page that’s exclusive for fans is a great way to convert them into customers.

Marketing takeaway

It’s important to consider how your Facebook fans are adding value to your organization. While the value can be a difficult number to pin down precisely, there are certain strategies you can utilize to make sure you’re leveraging your Facebook Page to add the most value to your organization.

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