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Facebook page tabs for product businesses

20 Apr

This week: ideas for product based businesses.

Suggested tabs to add to your page:

  • WELCOME tab: There are various welcome tab options, which I explored a few weeks ago – this is a must-have whatever your page is about.
  • SHOP tab: Sell your products online on your Facebook page. People can pay with credit card or Paypal, it is a great way to offer special deals to people who like your page.
  • PHOTOs tab: This comes as a standard on all Facebook pages. Use it to display your physical products, break the products down into sections, so that you have a few albums with up to 30 photos in each, rather than one album with 200 photos in it. For example have an album for t-shirts, another for shorts, another for hats, etc. With EVERY photo you upload make sure you write a description next to it, and add the link to where people can buy it online. Plus remember to label the album to entice people to click.
  • YOUTUBE tab: If you have video testimonials or videos of your product in use on YouTube, this is a great tab to add. Alternatively you can use the standard Facebook Video tab and upload your own videos.
  • HTML tab: Use this to add an image of your new products, or ones on special or in use – it will draw people’s attention to your new products.
  • QUESTIONS tab: Get your audience engaged and interacting with the page by asking questions – BONUS when they have asked a question it is posted in their newsfeed for all their friends to see, driving more people to your page.
  • FAQ tab: If you repeatedly get asked the same questions this can save you and your visitors a lot of time
  • NEWSLETTER SIGNUP tab: If you have a newsletter then give people the option to sign up to it on your Facebook page, if you use Mailchimp there is an app for them, otherwise you can use an HTML app.
  • COMPETITIONS tab: Wildfireapp’s have cheap apps that you can use to run promotions, competitions, virtual gifting and more, plus you know if you use them you are not violating Facebook’s guidelines

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