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HOW TO: Set Up a Foursquare Special

9 May

The beauty of a Foursquare special — aside from rewarding your customers and getting them back in the door — is that when users often check out the “Specials Nearby” menu when they first open the app. If they’re within a few blocks of your store and you have a special, you’ll show up in that menu. It’s an excellent, free way to gain exposure, and the platform is flexible and intuitive. There are now seven types of specials available on Foursquare; below you’ll find an explanation of each special, along with some tips to help you get started.

1. Create a Special

Once you’ve claimed your venue on Foursquare, go to Foursquare.com

  • Click on “Manager Tools”
  • Click on “Campaigns”
  • Click on “Start a Campaign”
  • Click on “Add a Special”

The new specials are broken up into two types — five that reward new customers, and two that incentivize existing customers to return.

Swarm Special

You can specify the number of people who need to be checked in to unlock something. For example, an ice cream store can give away a free scoop of ice cream when 10 people are checked in at once. You can set a limit for how frequently this special can be unlocked so that you don’t give away too much product.

Friends Special

A reward for when friends check in together. You can specify how many friends need to be checked in and what they receive for being checked in.

Flash Special

You can set a special so that the first X people who come at X time get a reward. It’s great way to incentivize customers to stop by during your slow hours.

Newbie Special

People who check in to your business for the first time can be awarded a Newbie Special — maybe 10% off or a free side dish, if you own a restaurant. Offering a reward for a user’s first checkin — even if it’s a small one — is a great way to start a relationship with a new customer.

Check-In Special

The Check-In Special offers a reward for every single checkin. Restaurants can offer a free soda or a discount, while retailers might offer $1 off a purchase.

Loyalty Special

The Loyalty Special is an offering for every third, fifth, seventh checkin — you determine the interval — to incentivize customers to return regularly and cash in on their special.

Mayor Special

The mayor is the person who has checked into a venue more than anyone else. In theory, he is your best and most loyal customer. As such, he deserves a prize, whether it’s a discount, a free t-shirt or a meal on the house. Mayors tend to be proud and protective of their mayorship, and you might even see some turf wars when the mayorship changes hands. You can offer something whenever a new mayor earns the crown, or you can offer a daily reward for the mayor.

Now that you’ve seen the offerings, click the special you’d like to do and determine the stipulations that will require people to unlock the special. Then click “Next Step.”

2. Write Your Special

Now you can write the text of the offer. In the “Offer Description” field, you have 200 characters to outline your special. It will populate in real time on the iPhone to the right so you can see what it will look like on someone’s smartphone. Keep it short and simple.

After you enter the text, click “Next Step.” In the field labeled “Fine Print,” type any restrictions or disclaimers for the special. If you want to target your slow times, you can say that the special can be redeemed only from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. or on Monday and Tuesday. Be specific.

Click “Create Special.”

3. Determine the Venues for the Special

Select the venue where you’d like to have this special run. You can have different specials running at different locations, and you can group your locations. If you have three stores in New York and two in Boston, you can create a “group” of New York venues and a group for Boston, and then each group can have its own specials. Or, each location can offer something different — Foursquare gives you total control. Also note that you can have multiple specials running simultaneously. If it’s a limited-time offer, remember to put an end date for the campaign. Once you click “Start Campaign,” the special is live. (However, it will not show up in the “Specials Nearby” menu until someone on the Foursquare team verifies that the special is legitimate and abide by the terms of service. This usually happens within 24 hours.)

4. Educate the Staff

Once you create your special, Foursquare provides links for a flyer that you can download to explain to your employees how Foursquare and specials work. The most important thing for employees to know is that an unlocked special is color while a yet-to-be-unlocked special is black and white.


How To Use Social Media As Your Future SEO Strategy?

3 May

Since the dawn of the new era, there are several people who have been hooked and spend most of their time in the social network. Some of the most visited social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and YouTube. Social networking becomes a trend and a fashion nowadays. Almost every human being in the planet has accounts in these sites. This is one way of building friendship and acquaintances without the need of travelling to other places just to meet them. As a result, users can be able to share their opinions and ideas regarding on a particular topic. They can freely interact on these social networking sites. Social media is one way on how to improve a search engine optimization in a website. However, you can utilize the advantages of using the social networking sites to become your schemes in SEO. This will aid you to increase internet traffic into your site and can acquire audience and viewers online. A social website can be a great tool to enhance your website’s SEO. Do you know why? Here’s how.

SEO gets smarter – Search engines have become smarter particularly in interpreting links and user data. It is because it uses advanced algorithms to use in the websites.

Fresh content – You must have to provide fresh content and if possible, update your posts from time to time. Viewers and visitors want to read fresh ideas and expect more from your posts. They will surely would love coming back to read more from your posts.

SEO loves frequent updates – You must have to update your websites through providing fresh content. Having fresh content will mean frequent visitors and can gain internet traffic. Update your site frequently to achieve greater audience.

Social web increase returns – Having a good reputation can be built up in the long run and can help you achieve more links and increase your returns.

Maintain social strategy – Being a valuable contributor in the World Wide Web, you can generate web traffic if you are certainly honest and interested in the subject matter. Application of this strategy is highly sustainable for your website.

Earn links and digital PR – Not all the time that links should be the main concern here but also helps build your digital reputation if you have been referred from prominent members in the community.

These are some of the reasons why social media can be a great tool for your SEO. Social media and SEO are surely linked because one cannot be successful without the other.

source: http://sem-seo-resources.com/how-to-use-social-media-as-your-future-seo-strategy/329/

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